Bilbo Swaggins - 2015 1st Place Winners
Victorious Secret - 2015 2nd Place Winners
MPlex VR - Audience Choice Winners

January 28, 2017 - 9:00am to January 29, 2017 - 5:00pm

2017 DaemonDash Hackathon

The annual Daemon Dash hackathon, hosted by the University of Maryland’s Department of Computer Science, is held exclusively for Computer Science and Computer Engineering University of Maryland
students. Approximately 152 students will join us in the Computer Science Instructional Center (CSIC) on January 28th – 29th to hack together websites, apps, and hardware projects. Daemon Dash is a great place for companies to engage, mentor, and recruit some of the Department’s top talent. The smaller hackathon dynamic provides better opportunity for personal connection, mentorship, and tech evangelism.


Registration for Daemon Dash 2017 has closed. If you have any questions please contact


Saturday, January 28

Student Check In

9AM – CSIC 1115
Teams will check-in and receive materials including assigned space through CSIC and limited edition Daemon Dash swag bags; students can grab breakfast immediately after check-in


9:30AM – CSIC Lobby
Breakfast will be served until 10AM

Event Kickoff & Sponsorship Fair

10AM – CSIC 1115
Theme for Daemon Dash will be announced; rules and timeline will be reviewed; sponsors will be introduced and thanked; prize announcements will also be made

Let the Hacking Begin!

11:00AM – CSIC Building
Teams will have a little over an hour to develop their initial plans for a project and start coding!


12:30PM – CSIC 1115
All students must reassemble in CSIC 1115 for a brief lunch

Hacking Continues with Mentor Assistance

1PM – 8PM – CSIC Building
Mentors will move around to help teams with coding, APIs, etc.
*Mentors will leave at 8PM the latest*


6:30PM – CSIC Lobby
Dinner available at students’ convenience—you can send a runner for your team!

Sunday, January 29


9:30AM – 12PM – CSIC Lobby
Breakfast available at students’ convenience—you can send a runner for your team!

Hacking Stops!

12:30PM – CSIC 1115
Students’ submit final code to server

Let the Judging Begin!

12:30PM CSIC Building
Judges will be walking around reviewing hacks! May the best team win!

Closing Ceremony

4:30PM – CSIC 1115
Winners are announced; prizes are distributed; team photos are taken; sponsors and mentors are thanked!



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Capital One logo
Cipher Tech Solutions logo
Leidos logo


FactSet logo
Google logo
Kiswe (formerly Social Growth Technologies) logo
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Microsoft logo
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AR Snipers

Team Members:
  • Soumya Pattanayak
  • Steve Noumbissi
  • Osbert Octavianus
  • Brian Servia

bACK trACK the hACK

Team Members:
  • Adam Ackerman
  • Michael Pearson
  • Nathan Li
  • Harry Wandersman


Team Members:
  • Rachit Agarawl
  • Waruna Yapa
  • Tim Wang
  • Srujan Thotapally


Team Members:
  • Pauline Chan
  • Huimin Wang
  • Anthony Lam
  • Alyssa Kepner

Chiefs Beef

Team Members:
  • Jack Qian
  • George Tong
  • Alex Danoff
  • Andy Moon


Team Members:
  • Yi Mao
  • Ruizhe Li
  • Shiqi Chen
  • Ruoxi Li

DROP TABLE nuke_codes;--

Team Members:
  • Stefan Su
  • John Murray
  • Alexander Laye
  • Dan Evans

Esprit de Corps

Team Members:
  • William Guo
  • Jon Gorcya
  • Apoorv Mittal
  • Brandt Anzalone


Team Members:
  • Ayokiitan Akala
  • Imad Khokher
  • Jonathan Wang
  • Jie Chen


Team Members:
  • Raghav Bhasin
  • Raghav Gupta
  • Abhinav Bahl
  • Shriraj Gandhi


Team Members:
  • Aman Kalsi
  • Mario Jayakumar
  • Rohan Sridharan
  • Kyle Liu


Team Members:
  • Zachariyya Khan
  • Tamer Bader
  • Travis Ho
  • Sashank Thupukari


Team Members:
  • W. Wesley Weidenhamer II
  • Nick Brown
  • Alexander Tolstoy
  • Cameron Byrd

Misadventures of Flapjack

Team Members:
  • Nicholas Chen
  • Rajesh Nair
  • Oscar Lomibao Jr
  • Payyavula Jaya Chandar

Miss Robot

Team Members:
  • Astha Singhal
  • Lucia Kim
  • Michelle Tu
  • Shruti Sharma

Missing Semicolon

Team Members:
  • Mokona Jiang
  • Rui Qian
  • Sri Kankanahalli
  • Tara Ramachandran


Team Members:
  • Jimmy Bai
  • Alexander Zhang
  • Jesse Pai
  • Daniel Hwang

R Four Team

Team Members:
  • Tim Barry
  • Christine Shen
  • Brenden Joyce
  • Andy Sebastian


Team Members:
  • Eric Ding
  • Arun Dilipan
  • Abbott Li
  • Tami Olafunmiloye

Ruff Destroyers

Team Members:
  • Ihtesham Chowdhury
  • Elias Gonzales
  • Christean Jean
  • Tauqir Abdullah

Sanya Commando

Team Members:
  • SaiArvind Ganganapalle
  • Daniel Choi
  • Christian Nguyendinh
  • Tim Zhan


Team Members:
  • Andrew Liu
  • Darshan Shah
  • Craig Weiss
  • Phong Dinh

SQL Injectors

Team Members:
  • Andrew Kee
  • Megan Kee
  • Jennifer Thai
  • Victoria Teng

The Dangling Pointers

Team Members:
  • Matthew Bock
  • Calvin Holman
  • Nisarg Patel
  • Andrew Guinn

The Seg Faulters

Team Members:
  • Michael Liu
  • Joon Kim
  • Eden Zheng
  • Peiran Long

The Wildcard Operators

Team Members:
  • Grant Gillerman
  • Shivum Kumar
  • Tony Tran
  • Anh Vo

Tony's Biceps

Team Members:
  • James Corley
  • Tony Shu
  • Chanseok Lee
  • Philip Ipe

Victorious Secret III

Team Members:
  • Allen Cheng
  • Terry Kim
  • Nick Pesce
  • Timothy Chen

WMUC DaemonDash Squad

Team Members:
  • Blaise Brennan
  • Maddie Metcalfe
  • Daniel Zadorozhnyy
  • Matthew Mazzanti